CMV: There wouldn't have to be an argument about how many genders there are if everyone didn't use the terms gender and sex interchangeably.

I can tell you right now you are wrong. Because I’m a conservative and what I expressed in my post is exactly how I feel. It’s also why I know a large number of educated people who feel this way. We know all of this. Some of us have even spent wading through it. The truth is outside of Reddit the lgbt community is likely going to start facing a backlash in the United States if these made up identities keep being pushed. The Democratic Party had my support on issues like this because up until a few years ago my views on social issues aligned with the Democratic Party. But the democrats have pushed so far into this territory of made up stuff that I can’t back them on these things.

We could sit here. And go back and forth but it won’t get anywhere. It’ll turn into me shooting down your evidence. Me likely using very solid evidence peer reviewed evidence that makes an entire field look bad. Probably some of you not liking it/flat out refusing to see what you don’t want to see. You likely accusing me of the same. Or just 1 of us flat out getting angry. The end result would at best be no change or with at least 1 of us driven further into our respective side. It was even questionable for me to type half of what I did. You’ll likely want to respond to respond the same way I chose to here just now. In my head I’ve just run you through a crash course in some typical non Reddit conservative thinking but in all likelyhood I’ve said antagonist things that I could’ve just not said. That and most importantly I’m about to pass out which means I really don’t to start a discussion. Have a lovely day/night.

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