CMV: The US is in trouble, and it's gonna get a lot worse before/if it gets better

Honestly, what is your motivation? How is it that you can bowl over my reasonable and logical recommendation to self isolate? This is sound scientific advice. I also recommend at least N95 respirators, as fashion, surgical masks are useless containment.

Now you do realize that even though the public does not pay for the vaccine, that the doses had to BE PURCHASED by the govt. This means that Big Pharma did NOT make this concoction for free, dear desperate sales pitcher. So you see profit is a factor. But largely the vaccine, from my years of science, politics, economics, history, etc, is nothing more than a haphazard solution, to pretend that the authorities are doing something. ANYBODY pushing this experimental vaccine as completely safe and effective is not following the science. Certainly some of the vaccines may prove to be safe and effective in the long run, but mere months into this is NO guarantee that you can push on the people.

Shame on you slinger....

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