CMV: it is understandable and not necessarily wrong that European countries more easily harbour Ukrainian refugees from outside Europe

responding to you three months later to know you are a fucking idiot.

you know damn well its NATO’s fault going into afghanistan and bombing the shit out of it and creating a war. that is the baseline.

the middle east was better way before the wars, by a landslide, this isnt debateable.

africa and arabia werent easily conquered by the way. africans were just friendly. when europeans came they werent bloodthirsty monsters like white people were. they werent the walking definition of bio weapons and they didnt have this unnatural urge to conquer. they were like “oh okay, people, cool” and europeans took advantage of that, research the scramble for africa.

you guys have somehow convinced yourselfves that you’re the best. you’re the most cunning and the most dedicated, and you guys seem to have a passion for destruction. that does not make you better, but i know what it makes you. imagine trying to convince yourself that mass colonization was good. delusional b*tch.

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