CMV: Until / unless you are financially independent, work is slavery and drudgery.

But not wanting to work, not enjoying drudgery is far cry from literal slavery.

Were the African slaves in America a far cry from actual slavery because while they were beaten for insubordination and couldn't choose their masters, their masters did want them to live long lives to keep them around as useful so gave them adequate food and shelter, whereas the enslaved people in Europe in WW2 were exterminated through slave labor? Obviously the latter situation was worse.

So slavery was the wrong choice of words. Drudgery is good. Perhaps subjugation or indentured servitude are better though.

Once you're financially independent that all changes though and you can walk out the door of any job with no repercussions other than not being able to afford that vacation to Australia you were planning.

Nobody wants to go to work every day. Even people who like their job or have really good jobs don't always want to go into work.

I don't want to go into work any day. I seriously consider sitting around panhandling rather than going to work and have read that some do make pretty good cash but I've also heard others make nearly nothing. It appears the local laws of my area and pretty strict about it though, so I haven't tried because I don't want to spend time in jail or just chased off by the police "You can't do this - get out of here!" then I'm in an even worse situation because I quit my job to do it.

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