CMV: When given the chance to save the life of an animal or a random human, I would in every scenario choose the human

Not the person you asked, but if I was forced to shoot a random human or a random dog, and the legal consequences were the same, I’d shoot the random human.

Firstly, I’d only be in a situation like that because of a human. There are countless shitty people out there, more than there are shitty dogs, and humans have a much greater capacity to commit evil than a dog. A dog isn’t ever going to force you to make that choice, but a human might. A human put the dog in that situation too, it doesn’t want any part of that. Most dogs need to serve someone and bring people joy to be happy, whereas most humans only give a shit about themselves. Humans also destroy a lot more than dogs do, they cause a lot more pain than dogs do.

So yeah I’d shoot the random human all else equal. That’s my take.

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