CMV: White privilege is a fact

People prefer you even if you're objectively inferior.

Except that what you listed was not at all objective.

It wasn't even scientifically valid.

That experiment, for instance, did not distinguish between "chubby and scraggly is seen as more desirable in Japanese culture" and "white guys who are chubby and scraggly are seen as desirable over black guys, despite chubby and scraggly appearances being less desirable in Japanese culture." 5 seconds of looking at that exposed the obvious flaw: Nobody did the inverse test, and used pictures of chubby and scraggly black guys and average looking white guys.

But, that particular methodology aside: It's pretty well borne out that white people are something of a novelty in East Asian countries. It's basically like being a woman in the club scene: people give you shit for free and pay you just for being white.

But while I agree that white privilege exists, I don't think that any of your arguments before the last few sentences of your post prove that point particularly well.

There is an entire subculture in America that fetishizes black men in relationships with white women, and many white women who simply don't want to date non-black men at all. Is that an indication that in Japan, white privilege exists, but in America black privilege exists? Not at all! There are troubling racial connotations to that entire fetishization and sub-culture, and some troubling connotations to the fetishization of white people in Asia that just aren't as worrying because of all the other aspects of white privilege in the world, for that matter.

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