CMV: Winning or otherwise getting a large windfall of $5-$10 million is preferable to getting +$100 million on the most important and personal metricw.

... gets statistically implausible larger the number of people who become aware....

True. But implausible implies a statistical chance of plausible. That's the point - that it is possible, no matter the size of the windfall. Whether it's 5 million or 5 billion, there is a statistical certainty that out of 8 billion people on earth there will be some who possess the moral rectitude to stand firm. For all I know, you could be one of them for the simple fact of questioning one's ability to be able or unable to do so. Plus there is an obvious loophole, should one be unsure of themselves - one can give it away. And there are people who give away their entire fortunes on the realization that money is illusory, happiness comes from making a positive difference.

Since there are people who can do the right thing, a blanket statement of $100 million being too much of a windfall can be safely disposed.

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