CMV: Women who are anti-feminism do not have internalized misogyny.

The positions of least power are also heavily dominated by men. The fact that people who happen to be men hold many of the powerful positions translates into jack shit for the majority of men. As of now, abortion and contraception are legal in all 50 states, women are equally represented in the work force, better represented than men in all levels of educational achievement, they're on the winning side of the life expectancy gap, the prison sentencing gap, the workplace injury/death gap, the abuse-resource gap, and they're generally healthier physically and mentally. They can wear whatever the hell they want, apply to any school or for any job, cry in front of people, hang out with their kids in public, talk openly about owning vibrators like it's some kind of personal empowerment. They also benefit from the nationwide entrenchment of bigoted anti-male policy, to the extent that an abused man who calls the police on his girlfriend has a 40% of being arrested himself and accused of abusing.

As an average Joe, I don't feel terribly privileged walking around day-to-day, getting dirty looks for taking my six year old girl cousin to see the new Madagascar movie, getting dirty looks from women just for riding the subway alone at night to my average, not powerful job, being judged for watching porn, having women assume I'm about to proposition them if I ask if they know where a certain bar is, or paying out of pocket to go to a public school that has a designated women's resource office, spending $140 bucks on an English textbook that is brimming with required reading about how terrible white men like me have made it for everyone else, essentially not being allowed to have an opinion on said literature, being shouted down in class for trying to, then going to look at scholarships to offset that expenditure and finding that half of the ones available are for women only. I'm not consoled in any of this by the success of Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffett, and neither are ninety-nine men out of a hundred.

So what exactly do feminists want? The instatement of an equally powerful matriarchy so we can have men and women shitting on us all equally? Go ahead. Go for it. It won't change a fucking thing, but go for it. But for the love of god, shut up about the patriarchy already. We get it. Give it a rest.

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