CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile

The real cherry on top is that this election cycle will be our only solid chance to stir up both the Supreme Court and the members of Senate and Congress. There's no waiting to get those next time around. We can't vote to disallow this cycle's winner from making those decisions. They are going to be decided and one of the current candidates has to do it.

Not only is Hillary technically the most "qualified" for the job she's applying for (faced with a pandering doctor, a manipulative business mogul, and a less involved politician) but the Democratic party is the only one positioned to actually act on those time sensitive demands.

Given these choices...

Republicans: Do nothing or undo everything for selfish reasons.

Democrats: Do the right things for the wrong reasons.

Third parties: Do the wrong things for the right reasons.

...and political deadline, I'm pressured to consider another blue term. The only way I can support decent politicians behind the lines, too, is to consider them. Supporting politicians like Bernie can only be done through the Dems until they step forward again.

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