#CNNisTrash trending after Dem. debate for biased questions against Bernie Sanders

Everyone here is so focused on CNN while Warren didn’t deny it, and blew him off at the end of the debate. CNN clearly trying to exploit the rift, but it’s there, more to the story we didn’t get answers to on stage.

I have my feelings about what really happened, and it’s favorable to a Sanders, but if what I believe is true, I don’t think he did a great job articulating it when he had the chance, or calling out CNN the way everyone here is jumping to for him. But I just don’t know.

If I were a Sanders supporter I would be disappointed he couldn’t clarify, and frustrated that Warren is being vague to throw him under the bus. I’d be annoyed at CNN, but not as if it’s some conspiracy against him, they jump on every fight, Harris vs Biden, every word Trump says. Don’t see them as the root of this problem.

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