Co-founder teases us @ Pokemon collection in Instagram post & comment:

Please stop saying Pokémon is in the works. It’s not. Straight out of his mouth, no we do not have Pokémon. Yes they would like to have Pokémon but it is not in their future licenses .... yet. Just stick to what they have and what they have announced. The last license they signed and announced is General Motors, and they have a new car category which will be added to the app in the future. There are heaps of new brands signing onto veve this year. Let’s focus on those and stop this fake hype, because you are damaging veve. When people keep seeing Pokémon but it never happens they start spreading rumours that veve is fake and a scam and it’s not. It’s one of the most solid projects. Full respect for wanting to entice people to join us, but let’s be clear Pokémon is NOT on the line up for future releases ....... yet.

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