The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 182 ft. Sinvicta [strong language] - August 10th, 2017

Watching Jesse hit the brick wall that is the current TB over and over to no avail was too much for me to continue watching.

Rant part:

Jesse's counter-point that the games journalist were claiming it to be true that it deleted your saved games even though they had no evidence of any saves being deleted is solid but TB just kept on about how he doesn't see how anyone can interpret things differently than him. It's just getting too depressing watching him as long as he keeps this arrogant attitude towards everything and everyone. I'm sure he is quite stressed and is dealing with a lot but I don't care to watch him self-destruct.

I recall TB talking about how people with a fan base have taken on a responsibility, wanted or not, to keep the emotional well-being of those fans in consideration when producing content because they could very well be seen as role models to them (paraphrasing because I'm not digging through his tons of podcasts to find it, though I believe it had to do with the topic of some CS:GO people exploiting their fans in that whole gambling thing). Now he is lashing out at his own fan base. Hopefully he gets better at dealing with whatever is causing his current behavior because it doesn't seem healthy. Maybe even get back to being a voice for consumers instead of blindly swinging at everything.

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