And coal runs out...

Fracking doesn’t have any more influence on the near surface aquifers used for drinking water anymore than conventional wells do. The question being, how good the cement casing for the well is. The actual act of fracking has to be done at way deeper depths that would never effect the aquifers used for public consumption - it needs enough overlying burden pressure to actually work and cause fracturing with raised water pressure.

I’m also not sure specifically what you mean by “fucks up the surrounding environment,” - do you means the platforms and other infrastructure placed on the surface? These are also things just inherent to operating “mineral” extraction of almost any kind.

And “fuel is prone to detonating,” I frankly have not heard of this as a specific issue to fracking either. Hydrocarbons are volatile, but they’re volatile whether they are extracted from a fracked well or not.

To be clear fracking is a method of hydrocarbon extraction enhancement - the term is not a catch-all for all oil extraction methods. Fracking is specifically referring to creating a sudden increase of pressure with water in the target rock to cause complex fracturing - which is then propped open by sand. It’s done in rock that is explicitly tight and doesn’t allow fluid flow naturally - low permeability rock, specifically shales.

I get having a personal stance against oil operations - but the issues you seem to be concerned about occur in conventional wells as well, or you could say “oil extraction” in general - not just wells that are fracked to be clear.

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