Coast guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with the government shutdown

Are you actually trying to argue that one of the few jobs that have near zero medical expenses is the one which makes savings harder? Also, maybe you're giving this speech to the wrong person. You had no way of knowing this, but while I'm not military, about 5 of my local family members are or were (including direct family) , and since I've lived in or around Norfolk all of my life, many of my friends are also in. I've seen too many examples of military members successfully starting savings to possibly believe the bullshit that they can't find ways to save. I've also seen just as many examples of sailors failing to do so.

If you're having problems saving while being active duty, then you've either put yourself seriously in debt (seen that many times) at which point it's time to get help, or you're not reevaluating your optional expenses very well.

Also, the reason I mentioned so many options is because they're not all going to be available to everyone.

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