The coddling of Lana's behavior has gotten concerning and, dare I say, pathetic

I'll get downvoted (and if I'm missing something, please, feel free to comment and help me educate myself) but I think racist is a strong word. I don't think Question for the Culture is racist just because the artists were woc. The comments were not about their race, were just about the content of the music and the double standards of the critics. I think their ethnic group was irrelevant for the comment she has made, the criticism was not towards the artists, but the industry.

I didn't see anything she said that actually implied she has problems with people of color. I know that saying "I have friends of color" is not a good way to show that you're not racist, but what would she be expected to say to defend herself when she clearly does not see herself as racist and everyone is calling her that with every letter. She clearly doesn't want to be one and doesn't identify as racist.

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