Cody on Sting: " when you put yourself in that position, you’re no longer a fan. You’re now out to outperform them, out to beat them, however you look at wrestling. You are opposite of them. You are their dance partner, their competition. You’re all these things.That is a big responsibility.

My only problem with Sting in AEW is that Cody has to put himself into the angle.

I don't wanna watch Cody, he sucks. He's always been bland except when he had that guy put bags on ugly folks' head. AEW putting Cody - Stardust - into these big angles with actual stars doesn't make Cody look like this amazing Main Eventer, it makes the stars look like they're slumming it.

It's even worse than Cody "3 Star General" Rhodes - Remember how before All Out everyone online complained about Cody being totally mediocre and burying ROH and NWA by winning their Title Belts? No? Okay then - just being in all these big angles and stories, but he's the one booking it himself.

It's like Jeff Jarrett but without the talent.

He's the most overrated guy in Wrestling right now, and honestly I wont be surprised when he gets booted out of AEW.

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