Cognitive dissonance

Dude I’m not mad at you but like,

Your whole comment reads of “me me me”

So what? Honestly so what it fat people get covered ?

I’m for abortion rights you think I’ll ever have to make that decision for my body?

It still would be cheaper monthly, if your taxes went up 400 dollars but you and your families average of 530 a month went away, that’s still a net savings.

Then you factor in no copays deductibles out of network, itemized lists during an ER visit , skin to skin contact charges if you have a baby ( real actual charge )

If the me me me argument is what you want

This would behooooooove you even more.

The only difference is who pays your doctor who wouldn’t change and the quality of care wouldn’t drop.

And study after independent study time and time again shows,

If you’re against fat people doing what they want with their body,

This helps lower the amount of those people.

Sounds counter intuitive but, not really.

Same with abortion.

Hate abortion?

Look at the places where it’s accessible and educated on and the numbers drop substantially.

You’ll never get rid of McDonald’s and their flagrant advertising. Other countries limit that Shit, require truth to be told in them,

We allow Pfizer to say their boner pill will fix your marriage and are the only country to allow commercials for regulated medications.

It ain’t the access homie, it’s the solution to an endemic out of control free market and quick access to really bad diets.

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