The coincidences of the afternoon of oct. 31

First statements? Have you bought into that MaM bullshit that only the first statements are the ones that can be trusted? As if murderer and rapists, and their families to protect them, won't lie?

Or is the fact that they all subsequently changed their stories to match a certain inconvenient narrative indicative of their being "in on it", or "coerced", or tricked or whatever reason you will fish for and reel in that they couldn't be telling the truth, but Avery is, even thiugh HE lied in his initial statements, and that Brendan is, even the he lied as well in his initial statements.

The emotion is obvious. You care for Avery. Despite the fact that he is a piece of shit, no matter how you slice it, even if he didn't kill Teresa Halbach. The emotion is clear because you, and others, will find any excuse possible, and have, and will obviously continue to, to explain away even mundane things that point to Avery.

I mean you guys are arguing against information that is 11 years old, and losing.

Logic? You think it logical that someone would frame Avery, and these all knowing/all powerful cops would go along with it, leaving a potential loose end floating around for eternity? Or that the cops themselves would do it, and be lucky enough that she would never be seen or heard from again after she left the Avery yard, poor unlucky Steve? Or that TH just up and died, or did herself in, coincidentally after leaving Avery's, and the cops seized upon this fortuitous moment to drop all evidence on Avery, but only half-assed like?

Any of those are logical to you, but the idea that she goes to the place, sees the guy, is never seen or heard from again, and actual evidence points to him to thr exclusion of all others... That's not logical to you?

So yes, it is emotion. The fact that excuses are sought after so voraciously, what's needed, as needed, and still make no sense, nor have any supporting factors speak to their being true. Excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse has still not gotten any closer to finding the "real killer", nor finding any actual evidence of a frame job, and is still losing to 11 year old information.

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