I cold approached 50 businesses in my city and for the life of me i can't find any work. I'm in need of money more than ever. What to do?

Now this is a big maybe, but maybe you just aren't worth hiring. You "just finished investing in equipment", so you are already producing professional grade work with that equipment?

As a freelance worker, you need to create the demand for your product or service. If that isn't working, then something is likely wrong with your product or service.

Now, I'm not here saying your work is good OR bad, but you come off as extremely entitled expecting a business card pointing to your YouTube or Insta to immediately gain you paying clients.

Do you have a standalone website or portfolio? Do you have any knowledge of how the industry operates?

Of course businesses already have people, so maybe find what you can do better than what they already have and prove it to them.

The short of all this is: if you are desperate for money go get an actual job in the meantime. If you can't afford to do photo/video full time, then don't.

I honestly can't even tell if this is a troll post so I reported it for spam. Can you imagine if someone was walking around saying, "I applied for 50 chef positions and didn't get any, but I cook for my friends all the time. What am I doing wrong?"

The odds are that you are doing a lot wrong.

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