College is basically a waste of time if you’re going to major in something like liberal arts or gender studies. Getting into debt isn’t worth it. This guy talks about 4 majors that are worth going for and it’s basically engineer accountant doctor lawyer. I’m changing my major to something technical

Says the person who hasn't actually lived in the "real world" yet. I love that young people are catching on to the fact that they need to be smart about how they spend their money, but I feel like many students on reddit go too far in the other direction and insist that you'll never make a living unless you major in whatever it is you claim that you have to major in. There's a fine balance. You can make a perfectly good living with in a less lucrative field. The key is to pay less for college by sticking to community college and local public college options. I majored in music education and did just fine, as did many of my friends. Similarly, many liberal arts majors get a master's and get their "dream" jobs as librarians and counselors and all that fun stuff (if you're the type who likes that stuff).

The whole "college is a waste of time unless you major in..." line is getting absurd. Someone who has no aptitude for engineering, accounting, medicine, or law but who has a knack for something else that requires a college degree absolutely should take into account their aptitude and interests. The jobs you list are far from the only jobs out there that require a college degree and the only thing that's going to happen if everyone jumps to these careers is that these careers will become saturated, too (as has already happened in law, btw).

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