College is extremely useful, only if you do it right. People on reddit hate on it too much

Only 9,000 dollars in debt

That is a lot of money.

Landed a consulting job that pays 65k a year. I’m 22.

Consulting doesn't require much skills the degree is just a checklist item and is unneccessary.

Secondly, you can bring that 25k down to 13k a year with financial aid. Also, there’s scholarships that you can apply to (which I have throughout my college career). Scholarships can also bring your tuition down. If you go to a university that is 25k a year, you can bring it down to about 10k a year with scholarships, financial aid, and student loans.

Not everyone gets financial aid and scholarships are hard to get.

Lastly, the major when you get into college. Say you financially set yourself up successfully for college, and you’re only playing about 10k a year for it. Nice. You did good. Now don’t screw it up by majoring in philosophy or dance theory. Major in a STEM field and get out of college with a great job. Business, engineering, chemistry, biology, law. All of these get you amazing great paying jobs after college.

All of this will benefit you and will work in the long run. However, going to an out of state university will ultimately make you be 100k+ dollars in debt, and will just kill you. Majoring in something stupid will keep that debt in your bank forever. Use college wisely, and it’ll be useful. Trust me.

I do agree with this.

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