Why is college so lonesome?

I’m a senior commuter student and I feel the same way but I just stopped caring. It’s been easier for me to find/meet romantic partners, but making friends…not so much. It’s not gonna make the biggest difference anyways considering that once you graduate you won’t really be seeing your friends or even communicating with them as much since that’s when everyone’s lives gets busier. I do recommend joining some clubs- but not to make friends like everyone suggests. Just something to do outside of class and you’ll be with other people. I don’t recommend academic clubs because they’re very lecture-classroom style and you don’t get to do much with other people (and those clubs tend to be more boring). Join something that aligns with your interests so you feel like you’re having fun outside of class. If you’re not working, getting a job can help keep you busy. It’s always good to focus on your career while in school.

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