A college student

Disgusting behavior, giving in to the “man”.

After a bs ticket I got freshman year (I was dropping my friends off at a dorm, you could see me in the car in the ‘evidence’ photo), I made it a personal mission to never pay another dime on parking while still bringing my own car. I first took the front plate off my car and reversed into the spot. Worked for more than 2 years, because the scanner vehicle wouldn’t pick up a plate as they drove past, so no ticket. However, I eventually got pulled over by the real police, who gave me a “fix it ticket” for no front plate.

Next, I tried covering the plate in mud. Again, worked for a while, until an overzealous parking agent literally wiped away the dirt just to give me a ticket.

Thankfully, at this point I went to school at a hospital, and I was married. I realized that my wife’s tags weren’t registered to the school. So I just swapped cars with her for a while and parked in patient/visitor parking. No meter maid will ever ticket those on the off chance that they put a $25 parking ticket on the windshield of the high-powered spouse or child of someone who just died.

Fuck parking passes.

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