College student left paralyzed, only able to communicate by blinking after chiropractic visit

Oh, sorry I went on autopilot a bit. I see I got the numbers flipped.

Your math is showing that by your 300,000th adjustment, it's 95% likely that you will have paralyzed someone, sure, but the reality is that on your 300,001st adjustment, you're not 95% likely to hurt someone - you're still only 0.001% likely.

Which is to OP's original point - they're due to hurt 3 people. No, it's statistically crazy that over 300,000 adjustments that they haven't hurt anyone, but the next adjustment is itself just a single data point. There is no "memory" on these statistics, so if you haven't by 300,000 you're not more likely than anyone else to do it on the next adjustment.

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