College student left paralyzed, only able to communicate by blinking after chiropractic visit

From Denmark, I needed surgery for my knee because it was fucked by a sports injury. Doctor send me to physical therapy because I was young and "let's try that first" ended up going back and forth for 5 months while on clutches because my leg couldn't support anything without literal blinding pain. Like white light in front of my eyes. But I trusted them I guess. Even though I was paying for the pt out of pocket. When I was finally like "stop already" they send me on to the surgery clinic and they booked me for like a week later because it truly was messed up. After the surgery I had to get pt again and I went but the association of being ripped off sorta was still there even though I knew it was different.

I would never go to a chiropractor because it's a grift, but can't help but think that people who go to chiros may make decisions based on pain combined with not getting results elsewhere. Maybe because there isn't a solution to their pain. If a chiro offers quick pain relief, it's some sort of result, so I can see why someone would fall for it.

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