College student looking for an affordable but solid twin/full mattress

You may check out Idle Sleep. They have a special offer right now where you can get a full-size memory foam + 2 free pillows for $595. They offer the longest free trial of all brands (18 months) and free returns if things don't work out. I sleep on it for 5 months now and really satisfied, it easily antagonizes more expensive premium brands. Very good motion isolation and durability.

The Puffy is another great option but a bit more expensive. Very cooling, softer and designed for all body types and sleeping positions.

The Comfy Standard is also budget-friendly, has a strong and robust foundation with good edge support so that you won't sink but provides good pressure relief on the back, shoulders and hips.

If you like latex and organic materials you may check out the Eco Bliss. Has good pressure relief with decent support and very moisture absorptive if you sweat a lot at night. All above recommendations are hypoallergenic, fiberglass-free, do not smell, sleep cool, etc.

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