Collins: Giants let me go for 'culture change'

I came here thinking this was just an innocent quote that the media over-exaggerated like usual, but nah, he's really going at the Giants here:

"You got OBJ, the best receiver in the game, and you get rid of him because you think he's ... a locker room problem?" he said. "And, knowing him personally, knowing him, how he was as a person and as a brother to me, and a brother to everyone in the locker room, he made sure everybody in the locker room was smiling ... and he went out there to work, each and every day. He didn't say nothing when he came to play in a football game. He didn't say nothing when he came to practice. All he wanted to do was win."

"I'm on a team that loves me and wanted me here," Collins said. "I think the Giants are going in a different direction with the guys they want, and they feel as though they work better for their scheme."

Collins will remember his exit from New York for a long time, beginning Sept. 29, when the Giants host the Redskins. That date will be circled.

"I'm gonna circle it for the next six years," Collins said. "Next six."

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