Collision on Freeway [California]

Yea, I am not sure I am willing to believe that the agency responsible is absolved of all responsibility. Perhaps not legal liability, but in the most basic definition of the word, I am not yet convinced that they are entirely free of any negligence. Bear in mind, I am not about to file a frivolous lawsuit, nor am I trying to make a quick buck here. Like I said, I had no intention of any sort of action aside from getting it fixed until my friend's incident. Even now, I HIGHLY doubt I'll be doing anything other than filing a report and getting it fixed.

I just don't see how its reasonable for an agency dedicated to a specific purpose to miss such a thing; I am not saying the Marines should have cleared it. The CHP has this single function: keeping our freeways safe. They failed in doing so for 10 hours. I am having a hard time there.

If no officer drives past it

And herein lies my problem. While I have no way of proving it, I highly doubt that. And even if that didn't occur, I expect it to, because they have one function, a several dozen miles in my area, and two stations, each staffing several dozen officers.

It sounds like you're suggesting that CHP should be omniscient and aware of everything that happens on the highway.

Definitely not; I understand it's physically impossible unless a police state is implemented. But for them to be unaware for 10 hours? Ehhh

By your logic, we could argue that you're liable for your negligence to report it.

Perhaps, I would argue, though, that the liability rests on the person who caused the issue, and the agency responsible for rectifying it. If your police don't respond to a body in the park for a day, that's a problem of negligence on their part; not of citizens' lack of initiative by calling. While yes, they should do the right thing and call it in, if they don't, or they forget, one's still gonna primarily criticize the police. The citizens did not sign up to keep the freeways safe, the agency was made for that purpose.

Again, I admit my mistake of not initially calling it in, and I don't expect them know immediately. But the time that lapsed is severely disturbing, as someone who thought they were on top of things.

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