Colombian mayor who called Hitler ‘great German thinker’ could be country’s next president

He has claimed one of his first acts as president would be to declare a "state of inner commotion", something vaguely similar to martial law that would enable him to rule by decree and place all sorts of limits of civil liberties, supposedly to fight corruption which isn't something the constitution sees as a viable reason for such a thing.

And this is in a country where the security forces have murdered thousands of innocent people, systematically spied on journalists, activists and political opponents as well as committed every human rights violation imaginable over and over.

Oh and just the other year it was revealed that a self admitted foreign neo-Nazi was invited multiple times to give talks at military academies.

Sadly, the alternative candidate, while a whole lot less fascist, more or less wants to commit economic suicide (this one may do the same eventually). So yeah, the country is kind of fucked.

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