Colonialism is good actually.

Putting words in my mouth? I was just stating facts, Africa for the most part was not facing settler colonialism (African and Asian colonies where economic colonies, they had massive amounts of self rule apart from defense and resources).

At what point did I say that Colonialism was good? In regards to Africa I'm not even talking about colonialism because colonialism by definition is not what happened in Africa.

The only person saying Colonialism is good is you, who on that thread defended the Soviet colonisation of Central Asia and ignored completely the Holodomor as well as the deportation of Ethnic Poles and Balts to Siberia.

Also why is this on this sub 'Shit what Liberals say'? If I was defending colonialism surely thats more what a Conservative would say? And either way I'm neither of them, I believe in Social Democracy which has worked out for Canada and Western Europe unlike Soviet Communism which you love so much which set the East back more than 4 decades.

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