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I replied to your comment here, only to have my reply deleted by the mods. In case you didn't receive my reply, here it is:

Women are seen as inherently sexual objects, whereas men are granted the right to exist in all sorts of states, only being seen as sexual at times when they actually choose to be.

That's completely false.

Men are not allowed to explore their sexuality; they are not allowed to be sensual, sexual beings. Their clothing choices are limited, and their behavior is controlled; the more sexual a man behaves or presents himself, the more of a "faggot" he looks like.

Is it OK to cut up a girl's genitalia? No. However, it's OK to cut up a boy's genitalia; in fact, men in backwards countries (like the U.S.) are shamed for having complete genitalia, and told (often by women) that they should undergo surgery to conform to the ideals of their society.

Men have not yet had their sexual revolution.

their bodies are not considered lewd when not engaging in a sex act.


The exposure of male genitalia in public can be one of the worst offenses a person can make, resulting in a lifetime on some sex-offender registry.

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6 hours later...

  • me:
    You don't even understand your own rules or know how to apply them properly, and then you ignore petitions, proving yet again that it matters not which sex wields power; authority is always misused and bungled, because authority is always an ends in itself.

    To those whose minds have not yet been muddled: Your qualms in life are not a matter of gender, but rather a matter of authority; it is not male versus female, but rather authoritarian versus libertarian. No gender has been more oppressed than any other.

    You will not see success in your causes when you foster wrongheadedness and alienate half your comrades.

  • /u/spunshadow [M]
    bye felicia

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