Colorado animal shelter staff's celebrates inside empty cages after all its dogs are adopted in time for Christmas.

That's because we're not fixing any issues because she never progresses from step 1: calling around to shop around for prices and detailing horrible problems with her pet, including older ones we have notes on from the LAST times she called. It never gets to step 2 with us, or anyone else as far as we can tell, since in step 1, the shop around, we ask specific questions - especially relating to past issues we have history on from the phone calls - and her answers indicate her dog was not treated.

That's all she does, calls around, realizes everything is too expensive even if it's a medical emergency that would have cost a lot less if she hadn't waited until things become infected or blown up to the size of a grapefruit and decides she'll just 'wait and see' until the next thing comes up and we repeat the process.

There is no treatment of anything, past or current issues.

That's why I brought her up as a shitty owner and just honestly wish I hadn't posted about it at all at this rate since everyone is so focused on trying to understand or defend her. Trust me, she's a shitty owner who doesn't take care of her pets and as an animal lover I feel so fucking sorry for them suffering and wish she'd drop them off at a shelter because at least then they'd have a better chance at a good life.

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