Colorado governor signs police accountability bill, ending qualified immunity defense in the state

Nah, you've just been privileged enough not to experience how offset things can be department-wide. It's okay, I don't blame you for that, not everyone's equal. That being said, depending on how/where you grew up, you'll get a very different experience, wondering why terrible things happen to innocent people, without anyone raising questions, or standing up for what's "right" or "just". Just like how some people have never had to ration food in their life, doesn't mean there aren't people who suffer from hunger or starvation, it's just a blessing of ignorance.

Also, nice job necro'ing the hell out of this post, next time come up with something to say before 6 whole days past. It's the equivalent of waiting for someone to leave the room, then saying "asshole" under your breath.

I'm going to completely ignore anything you respond with, just giving you a heads up. I also didn't read past your first sentence, because you're not important, have fun.

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