Colored Shirts in Church.

It is crazy the lengths we realize we have gone to in the name of Religion. In my last State there was a guy in a group home that had trouble getting out to church, usually I or someone else would give him a ride, but he liked to wear these gold chains and looked like Mr. T. (I pity the fool)

The same scenario as what happened with the White shirt is what happened with the chains, except I was the one asking him to take them off talking about how respectable he would look without them.

Forgetting that almost 20 years ago now when I was active duty Military I was invited to some church function by my Friend who was the Branch Elder's quorum President, I was inactive. But accepted the invitation out of respect for my friend.

He comes in a suit ant tie to pick me up, and I'm wearing Ocean Pacific Sandals (black in color with a blue OP symbol) Board shorts (bright yellow in color, with bright blue flowers) and a Billabong t-shirt (Bright Blue, with Red lettering) across the front. I grew up in SoCal so this was casual wear for me.

Anyway he asked me about 4-5 times if I was comfortable or if I wanted to change, finally getting frustrated, I replied you can turn around and take me home and I can change if that will make you more Comfortable. He said, he was fine and finally dropped it.

We arrived at the church building, and had trouble finding a space. We walk into the building and I sit on the back row. Every single person in the entire building turned around to glare/look at me.

Turns out it was their Stake Priesthood meeting. I don't remember one thing they said, all I remember is how they treated me based on how I was dressed. It reminds me of bringing someone to church on my Mission who smoked, and how ward Members would treat them differently, the same if they wore jeans and a t-shirt and I always said I never would do that, with the realization that I did do that with my friend and his gold chains! My Bad.

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