Colton's season hasn't started yet and Hannah G. has already got more Instagram followers than Jacqueline

I don't even think that's true, as it was clear when she was on RS's podcast that she really appreciated the different types of intelligences that existed - for example, she said something to the effect of how Bekah has the confidence and insight of someone much older and that's why people paid attention to her - and she was fairly self-deprecating, admitting that her overanalytical side comes partly from confusion and unhappiness and trying to figure out why.

Regardless, I do agree that's a turn-off for people...but a) it hasn't stopped people from liking people like Andi, Nick, Sharleen, who also think they're the smartest person in the room and b) we have no idea what Hannah's personality is like. Maybe people will find her insufferable too! Yet, she gained tens of thousands of followers. I think that's primarily due to her looks/fashion, the same reason that Lauren B and Amanda have a million+ followers, although no one is complimenting their personalities. Sure, Jacqueline is pretty, but she's not the type of pretty that makes lists or gets chased on BIP, like Hannah G. So, again, I don't get the point of the thread as the only point seems to be "you guys, look, a super hot, fashionable, size 00 blonde is popular on IG! Can you believe it?!l".

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