Coma Eternal

The Hindu religious virtuoso focuses on attaining moksha, or the complete release from samsara, the cycle of re-birth. Lord Krishna instructs Arjuna that the love of life is a delusion fueled by ignorance:

"earthly delights are the wombs of dukkha (sorrow)."

Dubious metaphysics aside, I consider this a wise approach to life. Be free of excess and impulse, live frugally and with an attitude of solemnity. Life is preparation for death and is the lesser of the two realities. Do not be swayed by this-or-that little novelty, do not lose sight of the end. Practice and prepare so you can die a noble death.

I know a lot of people would laugh or find this peculiar but I do actually take this very seriously. Nothing about the material world interests me beyond the superficial, none of it is really-real in the way death is.

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