Combatitive daughter ruins family time

The nicer I am, the angrier she gets. I can’t even compliment her any more. She screams at me.

She has told us she hasn’t been abused. She did have an incident last year that was pretty bad but this was like that before.

She was hospitalized in December. She had gotten grounded and said she was going to kill herself. It was the week of Christmas. She HATES Christmas. She basically admitted to making it up to ruin Christmas and to get back at me for punishing her.

She has called the local suicide hotline a few times to get the crisis team to come to the house. She will lie to them and tell them she’s being abused by me. They interview the household, sometimes it takes all night. Then right at the end she will admit she is lying and that she wasn’t even suicidal that she did it to get back at us.

I am in over my head. Her therapists don’t even seem to know what to do with her. And if she picks one and likes them, she flips immediately and refuses to go.

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