I combined the faces of the top 500 karmawhores and this was the result

/u/Gallowboob I want to know if you will make a conscious decision to use your platform here on reddit for good.

I think it was a couple years ago, on Easter of all times - you had a front-page post showing a grave and it was really tasteless. Other posts - young girls stretching flaying their legs out while doing handstands, and the list goes on.

I have noticed a disturbing trend and theme with what you post. It is generally subsersive to any kind of morality or decency. Are you aware that you are a cultural marxist - a 5th column agent? Surely, you must be - so I question your actual function here.

Your hate for God and love for degradation of all that is good - has come to define who you are and is why so many people hate you - whether they realize that is why or not. You have completed a literal Faustian-bargain, trading your upvotes and media submissions, tactically pandering to the worst part of the hivemind - in exchange for these upvotes and of course the very real money that you receive as this is your very real career.

Will you ever have a crisis of conscious - a moment of lucid and objective self-reflection where you say, "what have I become?" - and wonder in the mirror - how it came to be - and decide to change? We all know you are connected on reddit - to those most toxic of powerusers like DavidReiss666, BritishEnglishPolice, GodofAtheism, etc - and totally abuse and censor anything that goes outside of the insidious narrative. You are literally cancer - and only you can cure yourself.

I wanted to let you know that I do not like you, respect you, or appreciate anything that you do - and you are extremely offensive. This post just proves how your hubris has grown out of a malignant narcissistic ego of which you have created and are a part of collectively with the other evil oligarchs who spread nothing but subliminal psychological rape.

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