Comcast Xfinity 1TB Data Caps to Go Live in Chicago

I forgot about backing data up...but here are the points I submitted in my letter:

*Inaccurate measurement tools mean I have no way to reconcile my data usage with Comcast's summary of my usage (as opposed to a cell phone bill, which can detail my calls and texts)
*In order to give you the warning that you are approaching your data cap limit, Comcast is injecting a notice into whatever web page you happen to be viewing at the time. They are purposely altering Internet data between some non-Comcast web server and you in order to add that pop-up message.
*Consumers are extremely dependent on data in forms they have yet to realize--iOS or Android updates, automatic Windows patches, app updates. Some people may opt to avoid those upgrades to save data, which can leave them open to software vulnerabilities.
*Increased data usage does not impact Comcast's infrastructure, only it's bottom line as more consumers get their entertainment from cheaper options such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu
*This is an obvious attempt to capitalize on increased data usage in the near future as the quality of video and audio continue to improve. Comcast is setting the limit to make the "99%" feel safe, knowing that in about 2 years, that 4GB video on Netflix will now be 20GB in 4K resolution. It is basically a $50 monthly increase because at some point, everyone will be forced to pay it (or pay even more in overage fees).
*For college students or poor families who pay only for internet for their TV, phone, web browsing, etc., this will be an increase many cannot afford.
*Finally, a large number of towns and cities simply have no better options. ISPs like Comcast fight to prevent competition, from the likes of Google Fiber and others, but then continue to raise rates on their customers knowing there is very little they can do.
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