Comedy Cellar in Las Vegas shows cancelled three weekends in a row!

Holy shit! Well, THAT explains why I didn't get a response to my "Too early for comps" post on their Facebook events. Staff? Bullshit. They paid the comics. If ONE person bought a ticket, the show would go on. In 25 years, I've never seen more than one cocktail waitress work a Las Vegas comedy club or a show ever cancelled due to the lack of one. I've seen no advertising. I only found their show's Facebook events after intentionally searching for them. What I found strange is that they list the comedians with an initial and last name only... M. Doe, J. Smith, S. Jones -- it just looks real bizarre, just from the perspective of someone that looks specifically at comedy PR for Las Vegas all the time. Also, they haven't signed up with any of the ticket vendors, fill-a-seat, showtickets4locals, etc., which is where most of the other comedy shows get their audiences aside from those who are captive within the same hotel as the show. That venue must be WAAAY off the beaten path and hard to get to within the hotel. I haven't been there, but the moment I do, I'll come back here and post a confirmation on that venue accessibility... it will be nil. Bet it. Man, I REALLY had high hopes for the place.... that SUCKS.

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