Comedy ex-christian podcast looking for stories about 1. evangelizing and 2. signs from above

Oh god, I used to have panic attacks all the time bc of worrying over the souls of the "unsaved". My only non-christian friends were on the internet and whenever they talked to me about their problems, I'd listen, and then try to tell them where *I* found my comfort and get them to read psalms and shit. I genuinely thought I was being helpful. And frankly it was a relief to evangelize to them to try to assuage the guilt I felt.
See, when I was a little kid, 6-8 years old, somewhere in there, a preacher came to the kids sunday school and talked about how important it was to evangelize.
In the most terrifying and guilt tripping way possible.
" Every time someone passes by you that you don't tell about Jesus Christ, you are helping them go to hell.."
And he counted down. " 1...down in many have YOU told about jesus?"
Besides him and the other teachers, we were all under 12 years old in that room. That really fucked me up for a long time.

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