Coming to Dirty Bomb from CS:GO. My thoughts and questions.

  • There are loadouts that are definitely considered the best, some loadouts are simply weak. I've made a list of cards I consider to be the best, you can view it here.

  • Blishlock is generally the best SMG at a range, and also the best weapon for characters that don't have other SMG's, Fletcher for example.

  • I've played very actively and I still find new tricks to try and it's still satisfying to pull off big plays, the game stays fun for a long while if you actually enjoy the core gameplay.

  • There aren't many insta-pick Mercs because every single one of them shine in certain situations, however you should avoid any Merc in the Recon class and also Rhino because he's extremely situational.

  • The meta really only changes when new Mercs are released. Even if a new generation of loadout cards are launched, the old generation cards can be bought from the store and existing cards don't get wiped, so they never really erase ''OP'' loadouts. Weapon balancing rarely changes the meta, they've nerfed burst rifles over and over yet people still use them all the time.

  • Probably because he's easy kills when it's a noob and easy deaths when it's a pro.

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