Coming from a low socioeconomic background myself, I thought this was common knowledge.

I don't see a reason to keep it a secret, and that usually isn't possible. It's not like your family isn't going to notice that you're no longer struggling.

I grew up in a pretty poor household in south Chicago. I was raised by my grandmother's second husband, and didn't even meet my father or siblings until I was an adult.

I always wanted to be a musician, or I didn't see a choice in the matter. It was what I was doing with my life no matter what. After my step-grandpa died, I spent many years grinding and not having a relationship with anyone other than my mother. Finally, about 12 years after my first recordings, I started making income. That income kept getting better as I sold more albums and became more popular, and now I live a very comfortable life financially. I'm not "rich" by any means, but when someone hears your music in a big movie or sees a article about you, they assume you're wealthy.

Anyway, obviously my "family" grew tremendously once this happened, and it's obvious that it isn't a coincidence. I started getting invited to holiday dinners and getting everything from calls to Facebook messages about "reconnecting". I finally told everyone that I didn't desire having a close family because I never had one growing up, nor am I even comfortable with the concept.

Some of them completely understand, others call me a stuck up asshole on a regular basis. I have a relationship with my father now, and he completely understands that there's always going to be a "distance" because of the past.

My point is, you should tell your family members how you feel, not lie to them about something huge that happened in your life. Keeping it a secret just seems shady to them. While my "success" has reeled in a lot of unsavory characters, it has also led to some legitimate relationships that I value deeply, and have transcended the cash grab or leeching.

Some of these people coming out of the woodwork are actually just proud and happy for me. You are always in control of who you care about and who is allowed to be a part of your life, and situations like these are when you need to remember that.


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