$2.13 an hour you throw out there after all of those Requests --
I Literally f'n laughed; What A Joke!
One of these days, one of these days...they'll get it....right?
Never doubts to boggl'e my mind, EVERY-Time...
They ARE Going to get it...right?
I Mean ONE of these days , they MUST ALL Eff'n get it right...?
SOONER-or-Later, At some point at a future dateIt's going to make sense....
Add a doubt, That eAnd she was either for successpiphany will ringstrong epiphanized; those stars WILL Align...

peak long events and they're getting giftI'm talk'n edible science foundationenligh$20 milliontenmen from that Later on II'm talking about thatTiffanyFinallyenlightenedit wi FINALLY make sense to them...
Cmon that realized , of finally Whatdigested....Assuredly those stars at SOME-Point will align.
modern day miracle, epiphany realizeddown the lineIn the future,Assuring me they will come to understand , they have to... epiphany is as good as gold, I think she epiphany the Will LINE-Up for THEN They GOTTA
Mamaluk'n mind - ONE OF THESE DAYS, Employers will FINALLY Realize....
T-H-E-Y are your GREATESTS ASSET - FFS, Start Treating Them Accordingly!
32.13? They should be ashamed,; COMPLETE Slap in any job-candidates face.

Hey I have an IDEA: Lets shortchange the stakeholders unequivocally responsible for the success AND overall wellbeing of these organizations & institutions.

f said-organization. well-being unequivical
Don't Pay Them Accordingly, PAY THEM MORE! Inspire them to give More then what they Transactionally owe....What are they going to get itI want to one of these FN days employers are going to finally understand thatHot-Diggity-Dog!

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