A comment on /u/TexasNorth.

Actually, it seems like you and him are the only two. Your luddite opinions, even though they're shared by one or two other people, doesn't make them facts. Show me one instance where either of you replied to me with some external information that would be considered 'fact', let alone referenced. I'm open to some facts on who these half dozen other redditors are though, to me it seems like just another example of how bloated the two of your egos are.

If the mods have a finger in his ass, it must be hard to wedge it in there when your lips are cemented to it. I have an idea for you two, since you basically agree on everything and follow each other around upvoting each other while downvoting people who disagree with you, why don't you make your own subreddit to do the same thing in?

Oh yeah, that's what this is all about. A subreddit of your own has no rewards. You two like this subreddit because it's a platform for you fucknuts to have your opinion heard.

The only thing you might have a credible opinion on is property ownership and being a landlord. Aside from that you and TN are entitled blowhards who love to hear the sound of their own voices and can't handle criticism or have a conversation past 'you're wrong and I'm right'.

Remember when you claimed I was going to get a lot of flak and downvotes for having a 'naive' username by the majority of the sub?

Then when your predictions didn't come true, and it was you who got downvoted, that turned into flaming the users of the sub because they didn't go along with your agenda?

Wow, you've won over /r/calgary Good for you. A group that leans young, with less responsibilities, less assets and less political power that the city as a whole. Good for you.

You win either way with that argument. If the sub agree with you it's an endorsement of your ideas and persona, and if they don't then that just shows how 'little of value' the people of this subreddit are in your view for disagreeing with you. Isn't it hilarious how this whole thing is about 'free speech' and allowing people to share their opinions even if the majority of the people here disagree with them, and you're getting off on how you and him 'cockblock' my sharing but you two are really victims of the progressive uninformed youngsters.

I don't respect you two. Not because you have right wing opinions or think differently. Ask yourself why I can respect Roger Kincade and not you two. I don't respect you two because you can't act like adults and are reduced to your blabbering babies when arguments don't go your way or the majority disagrees with you. I hope the housing market bubble pops, not because I want you to suffer or lose really, but that you will be so tied up and busy with your investments that you won't have time to give reach arounds to TN and thinking your opinions on social issues in this city matter to anyone other than yourself. How does it feel that you're not smart or charming enough to do your own TN shtick that you have to be his sidekick?

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