In the comments I'll have a sort of "guide" to help you go against the current haddonfield infinite. Feedback on the "guide" is appreciated so if you have found better ways to handle the infinite as killers let me know.

Strat for haddonfield infinite abusers for what I do to deal with them:

When you spawn in do what you'd normally do during a regular game and ignore going straight to the infinite. Find them survivors boi.

If one survivor runs towards the infinite house let them go it's not worth your time.

If two survivors run to the house it is possible to get a down if they both try to use the infinite but it is best to let them go to annoy/down the others as they aren't working on any gens.

Oh yeah I should also mention dont even bother defending the gen up there its practically a none gen to defend.

For when you do get the down try to use the hook right in front of the infinite and stay near as they tend to be small brain and farm their own teammates there. 

Once who've killed one or two survivor and there is still a survivor at the infinite either A: slug and find hatch or (my more preferred option) B: recruit the remaining survivor(s) and have them block the doorway to easily get the abuser. 

Let the two furthest or annoying to get to gens go, with my preferred outcome being the one in the underground area and the one near the exit gate as this forces survivors to be in reasonable distances from the house so you can monitor survivor locations frequently.

If there is a key user (most likely the infinite abuser) present try to get to the 2 gen mark and kill two survivors. This makes hatch spawn and either 

A - they leave the spot or                   B - stay there so you can find it first. This is worst case scenario and is better if you can recruit someone for the doorway but is still possible to kill that survivor. This is what I'm guessing most killers are coming to the conclusion to but for those who don't if you dont wanna dc everytime you hit haddonfield this is what you can do to still get kills. God I hate that map along with yamoka.

I hope this pasted properly from docs ;-;

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