Commitment excuses! :(

I've been on and off vegetarian since I was a young child. The idea of eating animals was like naturally repulsive

Is this why you're vegetarian/vegan? It's naturally repulsive? Then how could you look at a sausage hot dog and think it looks appetizing?

broke my 8 months veganism for the most revolting sausage and biscuit hot dog

Did you do this consciously, or did it not cross your mind until you'd already bought/eaten it? If it didn't cross your mind, is that a common thing (like you eat absent mindedly/mindlessly) or were you tired or not thinking or starving or something? You said you "forget" which sounds mindless. If you were mindless, I would recommend practicing being more mindful with your food. Don't eat while you watch TV, cook foods and savor the flavors, make it a conscious act and have a true connection with your food, instead of mindlessly cramming some substance in for entertainment, energy, fun, etc. I think we all suffer from that to some degree because most people eat for entertainment more than anything else. Other acts of mindfulness can help be mindful in other aspects of your life, too. Meditating, taking time daily to journal, write down intentions, give thanks/praise, prayer (whatever that means to you), stuff like that.

And if it did cross your mind, what was your rationale in actually buying it, then putting it in your mouth? We're given every single opportunity up until the moment that we do something to change that behavior. You can choose to put it down and eat something else right before you're about to take a bite. It isn't too late. If you wanted to stop, but you continued, then you could either have weak willpower, some other, stronger, force or thing you're coping with that food or meat or whatever is the solution for, or maybe you just don't really take being a vegan seriously. You don't have to take it seriously - it's your life. But it sounds like you do want to, so I'd recommend what /u/LentilBurguer said and watch films that reinforce your lifestyle. Maybe see if there is a meetup or something for vegans that can instill a sense of community that acts as motivation and keeps you mindful when you might otherwise "forget." Integrate veganism into your lifestyle a little more with stuff you handle every day. If every day you pick up your vegan purse, look at the vegan wallpaper on your phone/computer, put on a vegan belt, etc, that can serve as subtle little reminders.

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