Community Decision Time: Deciding The Fate of Project M

Project M has been the most fun I've had with a game in years. And over time, it has only been getting better and better. I do not want to let it die. Nintendo has shown up now only to line their pockets with advertising for Wii U Smash, at the expense of the other Smash games, and yes I consider PM to be a "real" game. It is entirely possible that they will only sponsor Wii U tournaments and actively try to shut down Melee ones once they have their foot in the door. It might sound far fetched, but they've shown us that they want Melee gone by trying to shut it down in EVO 2013.

I don't want to be a sellout, and I don't think the community does either. So I would rather we refuse Nintendo and find our own sponsers, so that we can continue to play a game that is amazing, and that Nintendo has refused for years to give to us. (Sakurai, we love you, but forcing people to play games "your way" when you've heard loud and clear what they want is unacceptable) We, as a community, banded together to make the Smash scene what it is today. For fourteen years, we have gotten on just fine without Nintendo, sometimes even fighting them just so that we can continue to do what we love.

Honestly, if Nintendo had ANY BRAINS AT ALL they would hire the PM team to develop the next Smash, seeing as Sakurai has said he won't be making another. I would like to ask everyone to try to spread this option around, see if it can reach high level community members, and eventually the PM team. If Nintendo and the PM team hear of this, and they want to avoid a C&D, protect their Trademark and Copyrights, as well as make a ton of money, they should really considering hiring the PM team to develop the next Smash iteration.

I know it sounds harsh on Nintendo, but all they have been doing the past few years is playing the villian to their fans, what with EVO 2013 and this abysmal youtube plan. If they come forward with a plan that makes everyone happy, we need to seriously consider taking it. But we don't want to sacrifice the best thing to happen to Smash since Melee to do it.

Nintendo, I hope you're listening.
Long live PM. Long live Smash. Long live the community.

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