As a Comp Sci major, is taking Calc 135 a wise decision?

I went over some stuff during the winter break - mainly doing the problems on the department website. I did not review a whole lot. I also should mention that I took AP Calc AB in high school, so I remember some things from there. Also, I am not a stellar math student - I am pretty average at it. So that's why I only took Data Structures, Calc II, and Chem II that semester. I was a commuter though, and spent about 2 hours commuting every day, so if you live on campus maybe you can squeeze in an easy gen. core class as well. Just make sure that you have plenty of time for 152.

One thing that 152 has that 135 does not have is Workshops, which is basically a weekly writeup of a solution for a particularly difficult problem or two. You will be at a disadvantage at first because the other students also have Workshops in 151. The department website has a guide on how to write them, however every Professor has their own style, so pay attention to that.

My Professor (Thomas Robinson) was very laid back and only spent the first lecture reviewing, and my TA did not review with us at all. I just wrote down every 151 topic he mentioned, then went home and looked up everything on my own. You can also approach the Professor after class, or even email him or her to get some help. The same applies for the TA - my TA actually asked who was coming from 135 during the first recitation (there were three of us out of about 20 in that section) and said that she would be happy to help if we were struggling. (Also - make sure to look up good Professors and register for them... a bad Professor can fail to sufficiently prepare you for the final, which is departmental. A friend of mine took a bad Professor for 151, had all A's on her midterms, and almost failed the final because the Professor did not prepare her for it). Oh, and another thing - a lot of students worry about 152 and spend hours studying it, however neglect other classes. Remember that Data Structures is probably the most failed class and most important in the CS department. The assignments are okay if you do well in 111 and have some prior programming experience. Watch out for the exams though, because they trip up even experienced programmers (the average scores on the exams in the last semester were like 30 out of 75).
Sorry for the avalanche of information and enjoy your year.

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