Companies are only using plus size female models but not plus size male models to advertise fashion items

Polarizing lol congrats on your diplomacy. Don't even get me started, I can't remember her ever talking shit about herself, she just talks shit about our gender as a whole cause nothing's funnier than a misogynistic female apparently. She's the epitome of the "I'm not like other girls" trend. Amy thinks she's a lot hotter than she is, like I imagine she thinks her and Jennifer Lawrence are basically twins lol. She threw a huge hissy fit a few years ago because she was included on a list a few years ago of beautiful plus size women lol like bitch you're barely a four, shut the fuck up and take the W. Sorry, she's a hot button for me if you can't tell lol I wish she'd just hurry up and fade into obscurity so I didn't have to hear about her anymore.

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